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I will shed light on the truth

I will give you the answers you need.

My readings are meaningful and filled with practical insight and direction.

Is It True LOVE or it it time to move on??

Are you worried about your Relationship??

Discover your path to Happiness

I am a very well known and respected British Psychic. Well known on Radio and TV

I am descended from a Long Line of Irish Psychics, and inherited my gifts from My Grandmother who died one month before I was born, she helps me in my readings, and is my guide in the spirit world.

I have been Giving advice to the heartbroken and the lost and lonely for 35 years. I am Empathic, and can tune into your partner, this enables me to give you the best advice to help you to re-unite with your loved one. In order to speed your reading you may want to have a Question ready. Also the Birth signs Or Birthdays of all people involved in your question, I do not use Astrology, but I use Tarot cards and they need a significator to work your reading around, there are certain Tarot Cards which are connected to certain birth signs, and this helps my cards to tune into your situation and give an accurate reading. I have been described as a personal Angel, and I have brought peace and tranquility to those who are in emotional pain, as I give my advice with no judgment, you can be absolutely sure that you will receive the truth of what I see. Be prepared to hear the truth, I do not sugarcoat anything, I simply tell you what I see with honesty, and compassion. You will never shock me, Nor will I judge you, I will always try to give you guidance to help you in your decisions with unbiased advice.

You may want to keep notes as I am very quick to tune into the situation around you.

I am extremely accurate in my predictions and have helped many people to move forward in their relationships by removing blockages in the flow of their relationships. It is often the problem in relationships that communication is not happening, I can guide you in renewing the communication, hence renewing understanding and trust.

Skills And Methods






Psychic Medium

Past Life Information

I can Help you make the right decisions to put you on the right path for your life.

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