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Customer Testimonials

22nd August 2017 : Oh my goodness, Dee! Excellent call, thank you so much for the update. I interviewed for a position this morning and you were able to pick up the details surrounding this job without receiving information from me. You were right on target about the job details and the people I will be working with. You said they make me an offer by end of week. You see something else coming up for me around November. I will keep you posted. You are truly gifted. Thank you and God Bless a testimonial from your customers."

Janet Madding

30th May 2017: you picked up on issues I didn't tell you about. Thanks I am also realising I may not get the most of my desires of the relationship remains. I stepped away and he reached out briefly. Time would tell. Thanks again. Try her

Carly Peterson

"Click This exchange was by far the most helpful I've experienced on Keen, and I've met some good advisors. What sets her apart is her detail, honesty and compassion for both sides of the story. There is no delay, no stalling only light, love and hope for the situation. I highly recommend her. Thank you so much! I'll let you know what things look like in 30 days.

Chrissie Dolan

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